If you want to learn to pray the Lord's Prayer,


March 11 - 31, 2018

During the month of March, we are setting aside time to seek God as a church family by committing to 21 days of prayer beginning  March 11th.


Join us daily, watching a brief video for that day at 6:09am and/or 6:09pm. Followed by praying, as we commit to seeking God in various areas and ministries of our local Church. 

March 31st

21.) Please continue to pray for Transformed Lives at LifeChurch and in the communities we are in.

March 30th

20.) Pray for our First Saturday Nights (FSN-6th through college age). Leaders and all the teens

March 29th

19.) Give thanks for all the friendships within LifeChurch and friendships yet to be made.

March 28th

18.) Pray for all the upcoming Easter Services.

March 27th

17.) Pray for LifeChurch Ministries

March 26th

16.) Pray for God's guidance & direction for all the members of the LifeChurch Board 

March 25th

15.) Pray today for all the outreaches during the year that touch & impact the communities surrounding Gorham & Bath, 

March 22nd

12.) Pray for marriages, our Marriage Ministry and its leaders.

March 19th

9.) Give thanks for all of LifeChurch's worship team members and pray for more musicians.

March 16th

6.) Pray for Celebrate Recovery. That people find hope, healing & freedom from their hurts, hangups & addictions and give thanks for all the CR Leaders

March 24th

14.) Pray for all the single parents (mom's, dad's & grandparents).

March 21st

11.) Pray for our Young Adults to stay connected to LC and to keep growing spiritually.

March 18th

8.) Thank God for meeting all LC's financial needs to accomplish all that God has called us to do & that only comes from Gods people having all they need

March 15th

5.) Pray for our LifeGroups and LifeGroup Leaders

March 23rd

13.) Pray for all our adult children who are far from God.

March 20th

10.) Pray for all the kids that attend KidsLife during all our experience and for their coaches.

March 17th

7.) Pray for all our teens, our teen Small Groups and their leaders

March 14th

4.) Pray for all our Pray For 1's and God send me one

March 13th

3.) Pray for our Pastors and Pastoral Staff

March 12th

2.) Thank God for all the Dream Team members of LC & for more people joining in the teams.

March 11th

1.) Pray for the hearts of all the people God calls to LifeChurch