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Our Dream Team


Your God-given gifts, passions, skills, & talents are no accident! You were designed uniquely to show God's love to the world. Our LifeChurch Teams provide opportunities for you to use those unique characteristics and fulfill your destiny.

You are the church, so nothing is accomplished without you. The right person in the right place can do amazing things for the kingdom of God. So what is your place? Are you great with technology, children, leadership, prayer, hospitality...? The list is limitless.


Lastly, as much as we love the help... this isn't about church operations and getting free help (we'd find a way to make it work), this is about each of us using the gifts God gave us in obedience to His call to spread His message of love. So check out some of the opportunities to serve here at LifeChurch!


Love God & People - We love God and the life he has given us. Our passion for living flows from knowing that our God is using our lives for his glory. God is bringing amazing people into our lives and we live out our love for God by giving our hearts to them. Loving people is our greatest display of our devotion to him.


Choose Joy - We choose to respond to everything with joy. We have good reason to be happy - our God is working everything out for our good.


Pursue Excellence - We’ve proven that when we do our very best - it makes a difference. Excellence is an expression of our love for God and people because it honors God and inspires people.


Servant's Heart - Jesus came not to be served but to serve. He laid down His life as our example and we desire to have that heart in everything. We serve with passion, joy, humility and excellence.

Join a Dream Team!
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