• Brian Undlin

Let The Celebration Continue!


Wow! At both our locations, our Easter experience was nothing short of amazing. This was all because the LifeChurch Dream Teams responded with energy and enthusiasm.

The entire LifeChurch staff feels that these were the best Easter experiences yet! God is doing something good at LifeChurch and in our communities through each of you who gave your 100%. Your passion and dedication was evident. The teams that served in KidzLife, Lights, A/V, First Impressions, Ushers, Greeters, Baristas, Parking Crews, Worship, Cleaning Crews and all those that worshiped with us created an experience that was superior in every possible way.

Combined between our 2 location, Gorham and Bath, we had almost 1500 people that enjoyed our Easter experiences with 244 Dream Teamers serving to make it happen. Today we are celebrating the many people that made a new decision to start a new relationship with Christ!

Because you RESPONDED people were IMPACTED and LIVES WERE TRANSFORMED this Easter.

Thank you for serving!

Brian, Kevin and the entire LifeChurch Staff

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