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Our students meet every Wednesday evening (6:30-8PM) and connect with God and each other. 

Jr & Sr High have their own groups and they also stay connected in small group connections throughout the week. 

Every student finds a friend here!


There's always something going on!


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Colin Mcrillis

I am a devoted husband, teacher and father of four. One of the greatest joys of my life is helping to lead my children closer to God. I have been in Youth Ministry since 2011. I am passionate about the growth and walk of our students with Christ. It is an honor and privilege that I am so grateful for.

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Nellie-kim levier

I have been working with teens since 2006. I enjoy connecting students with God and watching their relationships grow. I work in childcare and I am also a proud mother of five. Serving at church is something I greatly enjoy.

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